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Daily Archive: May 2, 2018

Small Kitchen Gifts for Kitchen Enthusiasts

kitchen gifts

Home cooking and gathering the family around for a meal have taken on newer meaning with the help of reality TV shows like ‘MasterChef,’ ‘Top Chef,’ and so on. Many home cooks have started experimenting with different types of foods, ingredients, and styles of international cooking to increase personal and family excitement surrounding meals.

If you know someone who has been inspired to get back to the kitchen and start cooking excellent home food, then it’s time to reward the person. Whether it is a loved one or just someone who enjoys cooking and has a unique occasion coming up, presenting a beautiful gift that will be a useful addition to their kitchen is a wonderful way to express your joy.

We have compiled a list of a few gifting ideas for kitchen enthusiasts. After all, a little motivation will only result in better-cooked food. We all love eating tasting and well-cooked food!


Traditional mortar and pestle:

This beautiful gift is easy on the wallet and can transport chefs to a time before machines. Getting someone back to their roots was never easier. Making pastes, grinding spices to the consistency of choice, and breathing in the beautiful aromatics is a sensory experience that most chefs revere. This is also an excellent way of reconnecting with food in the simplest of manners.

Metal mortar and pestles are usually only used for spices, but with traditional stone or marble, you can make pastes and chutneys. You can grind up a fine garlic paste or herb chutney within minutes while savoring the entire process and finding joy in cooking again. Choose a mortar and pestle that will be unobtrusive but attractive on the kitchen countertop.


Premium kitchen knife:

No chef is complete without a chef’s knife. Any home or professional chef will agree in concurring that one cannot have too many knives. An excellent kitchen knife that has multiple uses should be a staple in every kitchen. Enthusiasts of slicing and dicing will take great joy in a customized Japanese or regular knife that will help improve their culinary prowess.

There are many affordable knife and knife sets that you can gift to the chef in your life. Most online shopping sites have knife sets and knife blocks with multiple knives that are a dream for chefs. You can also get these engraved with your message and design or have it specially packed.


Measuring scale:

Home chefs and bakers will understand the importance of a good quality measuring scale. Any chef will benefit from a digital scale that measures ingredients in milliliters, ounces, grams, and fluid ounces. Food turns out much better in balance and taste when measured precisely as per recipe requirements. Just throwing ingredients together in a mixing bowl may result in disastrous consequences while baking or cooking.

If you do not want to invest in a digital scale, then a gift of measuring cups and spoons that measure dry and wet ingredients will also be handy. Many times, home bakers and home chefs prefer using traditional measuring equipment when using quantities for smaller portion sizes.


Barbecue toolkit:

If you know someone who is fond of barbecuing on a regular basis, you could opt for a stainless-steel barbecue tool kit. Many of these kits come with swiss knife spatulas, basting brushes, cleaning brushes, power tongs for easy food removal, skewers, and corn holders. Ensure that the equipment you buy is long-handled and can be easily maintained. This gift is also a favorite Father’s Day or anniversary gift for the prominent men in your life.

Many of these barbecue attachments come with heat-resistant handles, elongated handles, silicone holders, bottle openers, and serrated edges for smooth cutting and serving of meats. Choose a toolkit that is dishwasher safe and comes with non-stick surfaces for ease of handling and use.


Recipe Journal:

While there are many recipe books available today, not every recipe is regularly made. Often, each home chef or baker has their favorites from recipes either learned from recipe books or passed down through generations and obtained from friends and loved ones over the years. Inspirational and favorite recipes can be easily chronicled with the help of a recipe journal or book that has markers for ingredients, cooking and baking times, and portioning slots.

It is crucial for chefs and bakers to document their hard work, stories, and food travels. Show your support towards the food journey of your kitchen enthusiast by helping them keep all their favorite recipes in one place.