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Daily Archive: February 2, 2018

The Art of Floor Décor

Home décor is extremely important. It helps in improving functionality, aesthetics, beauty, and comfort of any home. When homes are built from scratch, many aspects are taken into consideration – from the foundation, stockpiling, walls, and ceilings, to plumbing, flooring, water supply, and electricity. Once the house or building is constructed, the interior spaces and décor are equally important. Most homes or offices are built not only to elicit beauty but also to make the occupants comfortable in their surroundings.

Every homeowner has a different characteristic and sense of comfort and beauty. Varied personalities naturally mean diverse interests, lifestyles, and needs. What might seem beautiful to one person might be abhorrent to another. Each home is as unique as the people living in it and so should be decorated accordingly. As such, homeowners pay particular attention to décor like flooring. Floors are a permanent element of the home. There are several varieties of flooring to choose from, and each reflects a specific personality trait of the people in that space.

Let us look at a few reasons why flooring is important.

Interior design and aesthetics:

Floors are essential in any living area. They change the appeal and aesthetics of the spaces around. When decorating a room, most people only focus on the walls, ceilings, furniture, textures, and colors of articles. Many completely ignore or overlook the flooring. The décor in the room is decorated with the floor and its appeal. Beautiful, well designed floors improve and enhance the design and décor of the room and helps in bringing together all other elements of the room. Furniture and wall décor, paintings, coffee tables, beds, wall fixtures, and even taps are accentuated with the help of well-designed and well-placed tiles or flooring.

Excellent flooring is visually appealing:

One of the first things that people subconsciously see when they enter a room or house is the flooring. The visual appeal of the floor is very dynamic and can appeal to people with different tastes. The foundation of the entire house and its rooms are mostly dependent upon the type of flooring design chosen. Enhancement of quality flooring in the form of wood or tiling, marble designs, carpeting, or with the use of throw rugs helps in setting the tone for the entire house. Visual appeal through right flooring is like a final piece in the jigsaw of your home décor.

Flooring changes the look of the room:

Different types of floors affect the way the place looks. To make a room look more prominent, and give the impression of having more light, space, and height, opt for light-colored timber flooring with long planks, light-colored carpeting without designs, large tiles in lighter shades with small designs, and diagonal flooring patterns that run along the length of the room. To make a spacious room look smaller or cozier, use standard length and width floorboards, dark, rich,  or warm colored carpets with large designs or patterns. The more patterned the flooring, lesser will be the sense of space. Similarly, muter the design and pattern, larger will be the sense of space.

Flooring décor is adaptable:

If you are remodeling, redoing, shifting into a new house, or renting one, the flooring needs to be flexible to your needs. Most families spend a lot of time in the kitchen and bedrooms. As such, the tile in these areas should be sturdier, more durable, and easy to clean. If you have small children, then they also need to be quick fixes for things that spill on them. If you have elderly citizens in your home that require walkers or assistance with movement, the flooring you select should be easy to maneuver without any additional textures for ease of movement. Wooden planks, lino flooring, hardwood floors, and marble tiles, are great flooring that is visually appealing and yet are durable and will suit all the above requirements.

Selection of flooring is a crucial decision that will set the tenor for the rest of your home. Always select tiling that is easy to install and clean over time. Flooring that doesn’t affect the natural aesthetics of your room or house is ideal. Opt for inlays, wood flooring, herringbone flooring, European styles of flooring, marbling, bamboo floors, and carpets to instantly revamp a drab or dull looking room. Always select colors that are pleasing to your eyes and have a calming influence on the people living in the house. Many flooring options today are flexible in price and budget to suit individual tastes and requirements.